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Wreaths For Warriors

Wreaths For Warriors is a non-profit 501(C)4 organization’s program whose mission is to honor and remember the sacrifices made by veterans & their families from 1776 until today by placing Christmas wreaths on the graves of American veteran Heroes. 

Join us on December 16, 2023 11:00 AM


Wreaths For Warriors will place nearly 15,000 wreaths on the final resting place of our Brothers and Sisters, the sons and daughters of our great nation.

Veterans in Defense of Liberty® and its Cav Division, Liberty Riders of America™, in partnership with KOLR, Lawrence County 4-H, Greene and Christian County, are Honored to assume the tip of the spear position in the organization and execution of the annual “Wreaths for Warriors” program.

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Come help set out wreaths for veterans

from the Revolutionary War, Civil War,  the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, and 5 Buffalo Soldiers, as well as 5 Medal of Honor Award Recipients.


Help us gives these heroes and their families a wreath for their headstone this 2023 Christmas season.

Springfield National Cemetery

The Battle of Wilson Creek, the first major Civil War engagement west of the Mississippi River, was fought in Springfield on Aug. 10, 1861, and involved about 5,400 Union troops and 12,000 Confederates. Although the battle was a Confederate victory, the South failed to capitalize on its success; it led to greater federal military activity in Missouri …

Many men who died at the Battle of Wilson Creek would eventually be buried at Springfield National Cemetery, established in 1867 when the city purchased five acres for a burial plot. In 1911, the Confederate Cemetery Association (CCA) donated six acres, two of which were enclosed by a stone wall. Along with the land came the provision that burials would be restricted to men who died serving the Confederacy. Through a series of amendments to this provision in 1948, 1957 and 1984, all eligible veterans are now permitted in this portion of the cemetery.


Springfield National Cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Why We Should Get Involved

Veterans are provided the opportunity to pay homage to their fallen, missing, and deceased brothers/sisters. They do so within the intense camaraderie offered by a “band of brothers” with shared memories and mission. Be surrounded by the love and appreciation of the citizens they protected.

Citizens are provided the opportunity to:

Take the term “Thank you  for your service”  to the level of Acta Non-Verba (action, not words.) Every veteran sincerely appreciates it when a stranger thanks them for their service. However, when that appreciation takes the form of action – and not only action of attending a vets program or donating – but joining with other citizens as they join with their veterans in the cold to pay tribute to America’s heroes. Heroes reaching back to William Freeman, a scout for George Washington interned in Springfield National Cemetery. This moves the heart and soul of the American veteran on a level non-veterans cannot comprehend.

Parents & Grandparents are provided the unique opportunity to:

Take advantage of this unique occasion and educate their children and grandchildren on who (and the other four W’s) paid the price for the freedom this great nation knows.


Raised: $13,000 | Goal: $115,000

It is important to remember those who served

There are numerous incredibly beautiful reasons why we should all participate in the “Wreaths for Warriors” program. It is a celebration of those who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to defend the Freedoms and Liberties granted us, by God. As Thomas Jefferson so perfectly stated, “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time. …” American veterans swore (or affirmed) to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies …” However, this Oath is not just to a musty piece of paper stored in the National Archives but to support and defend the culture and society to which it gave birth.

Every December, Wreaths For Warriors invites you to help us remember, honor and teach. On this day, wreath-laying ceremonies take place at Springfield National Cemetary. If you want to join in on our mission, you can sponsor a veterans’ wreath and also volunteer.

What to expect on December 16

A brief but powerfully moving ceremony will precede the placement, including a ceremonious presentation, Taps (possibly Silver Taps), a 21-gun salute, and the ceremonial placement of the first wreath(s). A Piper(s) will then play throughout the wreath placements. We will also have two warming tents with coffee, hot chocolate, and much more.

On Veterans Day (formally known as Armistice Day,) Americans remember all Military veterans discharged with an Honorable or General Discharge. On Memorial Day, we recognize and Honor American veterans who fell defending our Freedom and Liberty in American wars. 

During the Christmas season, we feel it is most appropriate to recognize all American Active Duty Military, veterans with an Honorable or General Discharge, living and deceased, and our Missing in Action – and all of their families who suffer the loss. Veterans and citizens alike accomplished this by ceremoniously placing a Christmas wreath on each veteran’s grave at Springfield, Mo National Cemetery. Symbolically this action remembers and Honors those interned, their families, and all Americans who have served or are serving and their families; WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Yes! I'm honored to volunteer to place Veterans Wreaths on December 16, 2023

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Meet us at 11:00 AM on December, 16th 2023

Veterans In Defense Of Liberty

Springfield National Cemetery

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