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To maintain the integrity of our Republic

based on correct moral and constitutional principles.
Then to use these principles as a criterion of accountability for elected officials.

Concerned veterans of the United States military that still believe their country is worth fighting for and are able to contribute either time, money or both to a “TEA Party" for Vets
Forming regional groups to accomplish the Mission of Veterans in Defense of Liberty Action Committee will take Political Action while Veterans in Defense of Liberty will engage in education by combining grassroots support with nationwide fundraising efforts in order to fund local educational and campaign operations as well as national level media campaigns.
The Veterans community is poorly represented by any large national organization that participates in the political arena despite the domestic threat to our rights and our prosperity. Poorly represented in history until now
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Political Action

Recruit, educate, and train individuals to run for public office who are irrevocably committed to uphold and light for constitutional principles and the preservation of our Republic.
Watchdog elected officials and insure their adherence to conservative principles of our Republic.
Identify and oppose through the use of political action and education those individuals, groups and agendas that would, knowingly or otherwise, bring about the loss of our freedoms and the destruction of our Republic through the violation of the Constitution and the erosion of the traditional founding values and morals.
Inform and educate the public regarding correct constitutional, moral, and Biblical principles relative to issues and the qualifications of candidates for local, state, and federal public office.
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We commit to educate ourselves and our fellow Americans,

many of whom have been intentionally un-educated, to the truth of the our founding principles and our Constitution which have made America an exceptional nation above all nations.
We promise to convey to all veterans the urgency of the moment which requires the continued fulfillment of that oath we all swore to, calling upon the name of God. For swearing, by His name, we also made ourselves responsible and accountable to Him for the continued discharge of our duty.
We will fight to secure for ourselves and our posterity the blessings of Liberty, endowed by our Creator and protected by the Constitution of the United States of America

The Duty Ahead of Us

Come together as Veterans In Defense of Liberty, in one accord, as one body, as one voice and with one purpose.
Bearing the authority entrusted to us by our Founding Fathers and recognizing that Liberty is endowed by our Creator and protected by our Constitution
we pledge to; protect ourselves, each other, our posterity, our states and our country by defending our Constitution as a contract, not a living document, from all abuses of power, violations and tyrannical acts, from within or from without our nation and our government.

We Shall

bring forth the Well-spring.

As a people, we have forgotten the warning of our Founders:
“A people must from time to time, refresh themselves
at the well-spring of their origin, lest they perish.”


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