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We come together as Veterans In Defense of Liberty, in one accord, as one body, as one voice and with one purpose.

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Were Veterans



in prominent executive, legislative, judicial and gubernatorial
positions before 1815


It is our obligation

It is our obligation to maintain allegiance to our oath and faithfulness to our brothers who secured and to those who have subsequently protected our Liberty, endowed by our creator.


We still have work to do

Our Constitution needs us. Our lineage is strong & true, We must take the point.

Veterans formed a human bridge

Veterans formed a human bridge between the promise of independence and the realization of a representative government.” Veterans should be the foundation for the maintenance of that Republic.

We shall be

an active force in

the protection of our Constitution by including but not limited to:


  • To maintain the integrity of our Republic based on correct moral and constitutional principles. Then to use these principles as a criterion of accountability for elected officials.
  • To recruit, educate, train and motivate individuals to run for public office who are irrevocably committed to uphold and fight for constitutional principles and the preservation of our Republic.
  • To educate ourselves and our fellow Americans, many of whom have been intentionally un-educated, to the truth of the our founding principles and our Constitution which have made America an exceptional nation above all nations.
  • To promote conservatism in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.
  • To watchdog elected officials and insure their adherence to conservative principles of our Republic
  • To identify and oppose those individuals, groups and agendas that would, knowingly or otherwise, bring about the loss of our freedoms and the destruction of our Republic through the violation of the Constitution and the erosion of the traditional founding values and morals.
  • To inform and educate the public regarding correct principles relative to issues and the qualifications of candidates for public office.
  • To understand the concept of “Confrontational Politics,” as championed by Sen. H.L. Richardson. To understand how this concept has been used by those intent upon the destruction of the United States and to understand their methodology in order to combat them effectively and permanently. To do anything less would be to; “Abdicate the field of American politics which upon reflection, is unthinkable, not to mention moral cowardice.”

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

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veterans in the United States
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the aforementioned will be achieved 

through our 501 (c)4 and 527 organization with a 501 (c)-4 PAC Congressional districts in the U.S., each of the 50 states, each of the 8 Divisions and at the national level by:


  • Monthly Congressional District meeting, working with local state and federal representatives and educating the local public.
  • Annual State meetings
  • Annual Divisional 3 day meetings to include 1 day education on the Constitution (eg. Making of America Seminars) one day member meeting with keynote speakers and one day public rallies.
  • Annual national meeting in Washington D.C. expanding upon the above.
  • Public rallies as appropriate in support of the Constitution with the first in D.C. when “critical mass” can be mustered culminating with a re-affirmation of the “Oath.”
  • National Capitol and each state Capitol shall have a team of 2-4 members working every day.
  • All this being accomplished with the support of Present Conservative congressmen, Senators, Prior U.S Attorney General, the premier conservative lobbying association in Washington D.C. et al.


Bearing the authority entrusted to us by our Founding Fathers and recognizing that Liberty is endowed by our Creator and protected by our Constitution we pledge to:

protect ourselves, each other, our posterity, our states and our country by defending our Constitution as a contract, not a living document, from all abuses of power, violations and tyrannical acts, from within or from without our nation and our government.

Recognizing that we pledge as did our founders, our “Lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor,” that liberty and those passionate principles which are America shall not perish from the earth.



5 U.S. Code § 3331 - Oath of office


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