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Whitlock: Jerrod Carmichael and Golden Globes use race to hide ‘Silent P’ agenda

Jerrod Carmichael opened Tuesday’s Golden Globe Awards by telling a half-truth or half of a lie, depending on your perspective.

“Welcome to the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards,” the little-known comedian said, “I am your host, Jerrod Carmichael. Sure. Sure, sure, sure. And I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’m here because I’m black.”

In my opinion, that’s a lie. Carmichael hosted the celebration of movies and television because he’s gay. His skin color was the approved justification for handing the hosting gig to a 35-year-old “celebrity” most people do not know. But the real purpose was to reinforce Hollywood’s preference for the feminization of American culture and to blunt criticism of its agenda by preemptively framing any pushback as racist.

So Carmichael took the stage and blasted the theme of race, racism, and white supremacy. He’s a malleable tool. No masculine, hetrosexual man would voluntarily emasculate himself in front of millions of TV viewers. A half-million-dollar check wouldn’t compel me to do what Carmichael did Tuesday night.

He told the world he was unqualified for the job the corrupt Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave him. The HFPA puts on the Golden Globes.

“This show, the Golden Globe Awards, did not air last year,” Carmichael continued, “because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which I don’t say they were a racist organization, but they didn’t have a single black member until George Floyd died, so do with that information what you will. I’ll tell you how I got here. Why am I here on the stage with you guys tonight?

“One minute you’re making mint tea at home. The next you’re being asked to be the black face of an embattled white organization. Life really comes at you fast, you know?”

Nope. Carmichael is not the black face of a white organization. He’s a soldier in the Alphabet Mafia takeover of American culture.

That’s the whole truth, the real uncomfortable truth that all of America is afraid to address. The LGBTQ+ Silent P movement controls popular culture, our schools, religious institutions, social media, the sports world, and politics.

The Silent P, which stands for both perversion and pedophilia, is the Alphabet Mafia’s superpower. The Silent P powers the drag queen groomers at our elementary schools. The Silent P is the reason Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell can be jailed for running a child sex trafficking organization without being forced to publicly name their clients. The Silent P is why no one in the mainstream media is interested in the fact President Biden’s daughter claims her dad showered with her when she was a child.

The Silent P is all-powerful. The Silent P is the glue to the shadow government ruling America.

Let’s get really uncomfortable. Why is the LGBTQ+ Silent P movement partnered with BLM? Why have LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter become the new peanut butter and jelly?

Because pedophilia and perversion run amok in deconstructed families and communities. A lack of proper, two-parent, mama-and-daddy adult supervision fertilizes sexual misconduct.

Just-home-from-jail uncles and cousins wreak havoc among unsupervised children. Unmarried, lonely, directionless women wreak havoc among unsupervised young boys.

The destruction of traditional marital roles has turned America into a sexual petri dish. While both parents pursue careers, we’ve turned raising and developing kids into a side hustle, a second job, a task left to schoolteachers.

Rather than correct our error, the Alphabet Mafia is normalizing the dysfunction. A heterosexual, God-fearing black man in Hollywood is a dinosaur 10 years from extinction. The heterosexual God-fearing white man has 15 years left.

The Alphabet Mafia is winning in a landslide. Black elites are its co-conspirators. The black media hailed Carmichael’s monologue and selection as host as historic. We’re so filled with racial idolatry we can’t see our role in a satanic plot.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has a long history of corruption. Twenty-five years ago, the Washington Post exposed the organization’s unethical policies that included financial payoffs, payola, and expensive gifts to its 87 members.

In 2021, riding the George Floyd racial grifting wave, the Los Angeles Times repeated much of the Washington Post’s old reporting and added in the fact the HFPA had no black members at the time. Is that fact really all that surprising? How many black people cover American movies and television for foreign countries? Are we shocked Leroy Washington doesn’t work for the Hong Kong Gazette?

The solution? Add black members to the HFPA. Six black people joined the HFPA mob. One of the new members is Kelley Carter, a writer for ESPN’s “Andscape,” a ridiculously named website that covers sports and culture. ESPN is based in Bristol, Connecticut. ESPN is not the foreign press.

Stephen Hill, a black man, was named producer of the Golden Globes. And Carmichael was named the show’s host.

Black elites have no interest in correcting corruption. They only seek inclusion in it. Congrats to Carter, Hill, and Carmichael for joining the Klan. The celebration of this historic racial progress fits with the same mentality that revels in black people calling each other the N-word. We don’t want to end anti-black racism. We want to profit from it.

Late in his monologue, Carmichael talked about a meeting the HFPA wanted him to attend. He refused.

“They’re gonna fire me?” he cracked. “They haven’t had a black host in 79 years. They’re gonna fire the first one? I’m unfireable.”

Nope. They’re not going to fire an Alphabet soldier. Carmichael’s skin color is part of their deception. His real value is derived from his sexual preference. His sexual preference guarantees he will go along with the Silent P agenda.

He’s not alone. Every last one of us who have diminished the importance of family, deemphasized the priority of raising kids, and compromised our biblical values for popularity has made the same mistake as Carmichael.

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