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US Intelligence Releases Declassified UFO Report; Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Across Southern US

A new declassified government report on UFO’s came out on Jan. 12. While officials say there’s no evidence of aliens, they may pose a threat.

Tornadoes in Alabama and other southern states leave a trail of destruction. Some terrifying footage of the storms that left at least seven people dead.

The story of a former athlete that overcame injury, loss, and addiction. Find out his remarkable story of courage and faith against all odds.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Severe Storms Wreak Havoc on Southern US
2. Salinas River Level Threatens More Flooding in Calif.
3. UFO Reports Rise to 510
4. Lisa Presley, Daughter of Elvis, Dead at 54
5. FDA Vaccine Adviser Questions Covid Boosters
6. Former US Marine Released From Russian Custody
7. 13 Dems Join GOP, Ban Reserve Oil Exports to CCP
8. Wisconsin and North Carolina Ban Tiktok
9. VA School District to Install Metal Detectors
10. DirecTV to Cut Hundreds of Jobs
11. Tesla Cutting Prices in US and Europe
12. In-N-Out Burger to Open Locations in Tennessee
13. 9-Year-Old Finds 15-Million-Year Old Shark Tooth

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