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Teacher fired for assignment on Joe Rogan interview with doctor who pushed back on COVID vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone says

On Friday, Dr. Robert Malone, a scientist skeptical of mRNA vaccines, reported that a New York teacher was terminated from her position for assigning her students an extra credit assignment that involved listening to Malone’s interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

“Crazy times. . . . A teacher in NY was fired for having students listen to my interview with Rogan in an extra credit assignment. Commissioner of education demanded reinstatement with back pay, and evidently the district refuses to follow the order,” Malone wrote.

Along with his Twitter post, Malone shared a link to the appeal from the New York State Education Department’s website.

According to the appeal, students in Adrianne Rickson’s high school criminal justice class were given the option to complete an extra credit assignment that involved listening to a “podcast” with Malone and then answering a series of questions.

Malone received backlash from the public in 2021 and 2022 when he challenged the government’s narrative on COVID and mRNA vaccines.

One of the questions from the assignment included, “Why was he banned from Twitter?”

Malone was booted from Twitter in December 2021 and recently reinstated by Elon Musk last month.

Another question asked students, “Do you think our Constitutional rights are being upheld or violated[?] [E]xplain[.]” And, “How did Sweden respond to COVID? What were the results?”

The respondent argued that Rickson’s assignment “had no valid curricular purpose” and claimed that it was a “misuse” of her position. The respondent further contended that the assignment included “leading questions … designed to push students into believing … misinformation.”

Rickson claimed that the intent of the assignment was to encourage her students “to think critically.”

The teacher’s appeal noted that over 200 people, including students, signed a petition in her support.

One student stated, “Mrs. Rickson was the most amazing teacher I had … she motivated me and helped me be a better version of myself and … totally turned my life around.”

Another said, “Mrs. Rickson is a motivational educator in a field that is in need of caring, competent individuals like her. She inspires her students to do their best … She is an asset and BOCES is lucky to have her as a teacher there.”

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