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‘Soviet-style politics’: Tucker Carlson punches back at Rep. Crenshaw for calling McCarthy opponents ‘terrorists’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson sharply rebuked Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Wednesday after the Texas Republican rhetorically condemned some of his fellow Republicans as “terrorists.”

What did Crenshaw say?

Crenshaw has described the faction of Republicans blocking McCarthy as “enemies,” claiming they are choosing “notoriety over principle.”

On Wednesday, Crenshaw elevated his rhetoric. He accused his fellow Republicans of engaging in “terrorism tactics” and declared that Republicans “cannot let the terrorists win.”

Crenshaw’s accusations came as Republican infighting has effectively rendered the House of Representatives useless. The legislative body cannot begin operations until a new speaker is chosen, and unless McCarthy bows out of the race or makes concessions, it may be many more days until the impasse is resolved.

What did Carlson say?

Responding to Crenshaw on his Fox News show, Carlson rebuked Crenshaw for constructing uncharitable dichotomies of McCarthy’s opponents.

Referring to Crenshaw as a “neocon,” Carlson said, “They’re coming out and telling you what they told you about Iraq: Either you’re with us or against us. You’re on the side of light or darkness. You’re good or evil.”

Crenshaw, according to Carlson, is engaging in “Soviet-style politics” when he refers to the McCarthy opposition as “enemies.”

“You may like Kevin McCarthy or not. Both are allowed,” Carlson explained. “But no matter how you feel, you have to acknowledge, if you’re being honest, that people who don’t like Kevin McCarthy have a reason for that. They have real concerns, real issues.

“Instead he impugned their motive, their character, their intelligence, their moral standing,” he continued. “They’re ‘narcissists.’ In fact, and we’re quoting, they’re ‘enemies’ now.

“What you just saw as Dan Crenshaw spoke is the snarling face of the donor class revealed for all to see, finally. The deep loathing of disobedient voters that may be their most passionate secret emotion,” he said. “But they’re not bothering to hide that emotion anymore. Now you know how they really feel.”

Did Crenshaw respond?

The Texas congressman hit back at Carlson late Wednesday, telling him to “unclutch your pearls” and “grow thicker skin.”

“Unclutch your pearls,” Crenshaw wrote on Twitter. “It’s a figure of speech. You can’t insult, slander, and hold everyone hostage with no way out — and not expect me to punch back. Grow thicker skin.”

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