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‘Pride’-themed police cruiser decorated in rainbow flag mocked on Twitter for overt political display

On Monday, Florida Representative Anthony Sabatini (R) shared a video on Twitter featuring a Miami Police Department cruiser decorated in the rainbow pride flag, which social media users subsequently criticized, Fox News Digital reported.

The video, taken by an anonymous individual, showed the colorful pride-themed vehicle. The SUV featured a rainbow flag, a heart, and the words “LGBTQ+” and “Pride.” The vehicle also clearly displayed “Police” and the seal of “The City of Miami Police Dept.”

Sabatini shared the clip on Twitter, stating, “The Florida Legislature has the ability to … preempt/prohibit this crass political display with a state law. Why haven’t they? You’d be surprised to learn how liberal many of them are behind the scenes. That and/or they simply lack the courage to stand up the Left.”

The individual filming the video can be heard saying, “It’s real. It’s really f***ing real.”

Content warning: profanity

Twitter users replied to Sabatini’s shared post with heavy criticism.

“This is a problem,” one user wrote. “A huge problem. These political slogans have no business being on Police cars. Our state needs to fix this immediately and prohibit this.”

“Imagine thinking it was a good idea to promote a sexual preference on the outside of a taxpayer funded vehicle,” another user replied. “I’m old enough to remember when what you liked to do in the bedroom stayed in the bedroom.”

In April 2022, the Miami Beach Police Department unveiled a “PRIDE” cruiser during the city’s pride parade. The department shared photos from the event on Instagram, writing, “This afternoon we joined our #LGBTQ community at the Miami Beach Pride Parade. Officers from across Miami-Dade and Broward came out to show their support. We also debuted our new PRIDE vehicle during today’s parade. It was a beautiful afternoon.”

Similarly, Instagram users mocked the display.

“This is where our tax money goes to?” one user wrote.

Another user added, “The police should be apolitical.”

Fox News Digital confirmed with the Miami Police Department that the vehicle shown in Sabatini’s Twitter post was an actual police cruiser used for official police duties.

“The vehicle was unveiled for pride month back in June of 2021,” a spokesperson for the police department told Fox News Digital.

According to the MPD, the vehicle was decorated as “a show of solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community and it is driven by our MPD LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer. Also, the LGBTQ+ vehicle wrap was donated by Enrique Santos from iHeart Radio.”

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