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Passengers Stuck on Amtrak Train for 37 Hours

More than 500 passengers on an Amtrak train traveling from the Washington D.C. area to Florida had to spend 37 hours on board their train due to a rail derailment on its route.

The Amtrak Auto Train departed at 5.30 pm Monday from Lorton, Va., and was expected to reach its destination in Sanford, Fla., within 17 hours.

But due to a CSX freight train derailment ahead of it, the train was delayed for an extra 20 hours, much of which was spent stationary in rural South Carolina, where they waited for a relief crew to arrive.

During this period, passengers were allegedly told that they couldn’t get off the train, reported NBC.

Some passengers phoned 911, which train staff urged them to stop doing, according to a video shown on ABC News.

“For those of you that are calling the police, we are not holding you hostage,” a conductor can be heard saying. “We are giving you all the information in which we have. We are sorry about the inconvenience.”

A conductor could also be heard telling people not to open their windows to smoke on the train.

Passengers were also requested over the intercom to cease posting videos and photos on social media, reported NBC.

ABC News reported that there were 563 passengers on board the Amtrak train.

The freight train that caused the delay collided with an unoccupied vehicle on the tracks in Lake City, S.C., shortly before 11 p.m. Monday, CSX said in a statement. No injuries were reported.

Amtrak communicated with ABC News about the delay as it occurred.

“The train was detoured off its normal route in order to continue operating south,” Amtrak said.

“We have been providing regular updates to customers, along with meals, snack packs and beverages,” it said. “The onboard staff is working with pet owners to provide bathroom breaks.”

The train finally reached its destination on Wednesday morning.

Efthymis Oraiopoulos

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