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Nebraska bill would ban attending drag shows under age 19

Multiple Nebraska state GOP lawmakers are backing a measure that would prohibit people younger than 19 from attending drag shows and people younger than 21 from attending such performances at any location where alcohol is served — the measure lays out consequences for businesses and adults who violate the age rules by allowing young people to attend drag shows.

“No individual under nineteen years of age shall be present at a drag show. Any person nineteen years of age or older who knowingly brings an individual under nineteen years of age to a drag show shall be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor,” the bill states. “No individual under twenty-one years of age shall be present at a drag show if alcoholic liquor is being served at such location.”

The measure goes on to stipulate that any companies, establishments, or nonprofits that hold a drag performance and run afoul of the age limit rules will get slapped with a whopping $10,000 fine for every violation.

The owner of an entity that holds a drag show and knowingly permits a person below the age limit to attend will “be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor,” the measure says.

“No state agency that receives state funds shall use such funds to host a drag show,” the bill also declares.

The measure defines a drag show as a performance where “the main aspect of the performance is a performer which exhibits a gender identity that is different than the performer’s gender assigned at birth using clothing, makeup, or other physical markers” and where “the performer sings, lip syncs, dances, or otherwise performs before an audience for entertainment.”

The bill lists multiple state Republican lawmakers as introducing the measure. State Sen. Dave Murman put forward the measure, according to KLKN, which noted that other state lawmakers are co-sponsoring it.

A Democratic state lawmaker is seeking to put the kibosh on the proposal.

“Senator Murman just introduced a bill to put age limits on drag shows, and I just filed a motion to indefinitely postpone it which would kill the bill. We will fight this bill every step of the way,” Democratic state Sen. Megan Hunt tweeted.

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