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‘I’m standing in knee-deep sludge, piss, and s**t’: Amazon driver falls into septic tank, documents experience in series of TikTok videos

An Amazon driver recently found himself in what he aptly described as “a s***ty situation.”

The driver, who goes by Charles Amicangel945 on TikTok, was on his delivery route, going about his business, when he walked by a hole in the ground. All of a sudden, that hole collapsed into a sinkhole, and Charles fell approximately “six feet” into a septic tank. He then did what many other uninjured septic tank sinkhole victims would probably do in a similar situation: He documented his experience in a series of videos that he then posted to social media.

“I’m, like, 6 feet down, and I tried using these roots around me to get out, and it just pulled more dirt on top of me, so I just called dispatch,” Charles, whose handle is @dovahkiin0103, reported in the first video.

“The walls are kind of caving in on me,” he added.

Despite the call for help, Charles continued to languish in squalor for some time. A second video indicated that help was on the way but that, in the mean time, he had to remain standing in a couple feet of sewage.

“I’m standing in knee-deep sludge, piss and s**t, pretty sure,” he claimed while panning the camera to show murky, gray liquid. He also mentioned a rabbit, which had also fallen into the sludge and may have met its demise.

“I am not digging for it,” Charles understandably asserted. “So the rabbit’s gone.”

He then reiterated that he had attempted to pull himself out of the hole by tugging on roots or vines within reach, but those attempts just caused more of the hole to collapse.

“I really do not want to die in someone’s f***in’ whatever you call these things,” Charles stated.

He was right to be wary, as firefighters were similarly concerned that any attempts at self-rescue might make matters worse. When the fire chief arrived on the scene, he supposedly told Charles: “Don’t move!”

Rescue teams — which included firefighters, police, an ambulance, and “a f***ing helicopter” — then dropped a ladder down the hole, and Charles was finally able to climb out.

According to the third video, filmed later from his delivery vehicle, Charles then had time for a quick shower and change of clothing before heading right back out to work. After all, he still had “about 100 stops left” when he fell into the hole full of “feces and urine and all that good stuff.” Amazon generously “sent someone” to offload about 50 deliveries from him, which he said was “cool.”

“I guess I’m too nice,” he added.

“I’m going to finish my route,” Charles then claimed before warning others to “be safe out there” and to watch out for “sinkholes” and “septic tanks.”

“Just keep on movin’ on, people,” he concluded.

Charles did not say where or when the incident occurred, though the videos were posted to TikTok on Wednesday. He also did not mention whether he ever sought medical treatment for possible exposure to hazardous waste.

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