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Gordon Chang on Virus Explosion in China, Xi Jinping Losing Control, and CCP Gearing Up for War

Is Omicron the COVID-19 variant spreading in China? Or is it something else? And what does the explosion of the virus—and the associated real death toll in China—mean for Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the author of China’s draconian “zero-COVID” policies? We sit down again with China analyst Gordon Chang to discuss the complicated realities the Chinese regime is facing.

“I don’t know what’s going on in Xi Jinping’s head, but I do know that he’s engaged in the most rapid military buildup since the Second World War,” Chang says.

Why is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) collecting DNA profiles of Americans? Why are CCP-linked companies buying up land next to U.S. military bases? And is an attack on Taiwan imminent?

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