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-Don Ballard US Navy/ Kansas National Guard (Ret) Medal of Honor

The American culture which grew from our Constitution is not the same culture – not the America – it was when we raised our hands to support and defend it. Somewhere between that time and my return from Vietnam, evil entered our country and began eating away at our Freedoms and Liberty. For decades I have heard Veterans all across our country saying, “what can we do, where are the leaders to return our country to her Constitutional underpinnings?”

I am pleased to support and endorse the answer to that question. Veterans in Defense of Liberty’s Champions of Liberty will stand in the gap, and be a significant force to lead America back to the true tenets of liberty. By organizing American veterans, arming them with the truth, and teaching them how to use the truth they will not be intimidated by the superficially weak strategy of the socialistic left. They will win on the “Battlefield of ideas,” and safeguard our rights.

Most veterans are mission-driven people; this mission with purpose will bind American veterans together more strongly than they have been since their time on active duty. As a veteran, we understand that we have essentially pledged, like our Founders, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to each other, our country and our oath; all have sacrificed to some degree. Some of our brothers and sisters gave all so Americans can live in a free society. Champion of Liberty exemplifies – we veterans refuse to let these sacrifices be in vain.

I salute veterans in Defense of Liberty’s, Champions of Liberty for being not only the answer to the question asked by so many veterans but the leaders; to lead us back to the firm Constitutional Republic as originally intended.


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