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Democrat Gov. Jared Polis Busing Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities; McCarthy Fails Speaker Vote

Democrats have called the action a cruel political stunt. Now, Democrat Governor Jared Polis is busing illegal immigrants from Colorado to so called ‘Sanctuary Cities’.

It’s been a century since the U.S. house has failed to choose a speaker after a first round vote. Now, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy can’t seem convince the majority he should wield the gavel.

The suspect in the Idaho student killings agrees to extradition. He will now be transfered to Idaho to face charges. Find out what prosecutors and police had to say about the situation

Topics in this episode include:

1. Suspect in Idaho Slayings Agrees to Extradition
2. Man Suspected of Intentionally Driving Off Cliff
3. US House Adjourns Without Speaker
4. Dem Gov. Jared Polis Busing Illegal Immigrants Out
5. FDA Approves Abortion Pill at Retail Pharmacies
6. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Sworn in for 2nd Term
7. South Korea Steps Up Mandatory Covid Tests on Chinese
8. EU to Impose Restrictions on Chinese Travelers
9. Thousands Protest in China on New Year’s Eve, Day
10. Almost 90 Russian Troops Dead in Missile Strike
11. Algae Spoils Australia-New Zealand Cruise
12. 2023 Tips for Proper Nutrition


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