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Biden’s chief of staff faces fierce backlash for claiming high inflation is no longer a problem

The White House chief of staff is claiming a victory for President Joe Biden on inflation, but many on social media lashed out at him over the continued high prices they’re paying.

Ron Klain complained on Twitter that the media was not covering new statistics about inflation as much as it did when inflation was at a 40-year high.

“When inflation was at 40-year highs, there was no shortage of coverage. But now,” he tweeted and pointed to a report that inflation over the last half 2022 had decreased to 2% after climbing to a rate above 7%.

While Klain was spiking the football, many on social media rejected his messaging.

“How come the media isn’t focusing on the 3-month annualized number? Cmon now,” replied MarketWatch European bureau chief Steve Goldstein.

“Ron, the prices are still high, the increase has just slowed because it’s a rolling 12 month calculation. Have you been to a grocery store in the last year?” read one response.

“Maybe the media doesn’t want to lose viewers through this gaslighting you guys seem to be all about… still at a 40 year high. Imo that’s nothing to write about,” responded another critic.

“I have a problem with how inflation was covered, but this is a little bit like ‘everyone was all talking about it when I drove drunk but now that I’m driving sober nobody even notices,'” read another response.

Do you understand the difference between cost of living and rate of increase? If wages have not caught up to those 40-year high rates of increase, what does it matter to the average person if the rate has declined? They still can’t afford basic necessities!” said another detractor.

Klain’s narrative likely won’t persuade popular rap artist Cardi B, who posted an expletive-filled rant about high inflation on Thursday; she wanted those in power to do everything they could to bring prices down.

Here’s more about inflation hurting Americans:

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