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Amazon employee accused of killing pregnant mother of 3 in company parking lot

A Minnesota man has been arrested and charged with killing a heavily pregnant mother of three in the parking lot of the Amazon facility where he worked, reports claim.

Just before 7 p.m. on Sunday evening, police received a call about a woman who had been shot inside a car located in the parking lot of a Amazon Fulfillment Center in Lakeville, Minnesota, about 25 miles south of Minneapolis. When Lakeville police arrived, they found the victim and immediately transported her to Hennepin County Medical Center, where she died of an apparent gunshot wound.

Though police have not officially confirmed her identity, family has come forward to claim that the victim was Kyla O’Neal, a 31-year-old mother of three who was nine months pregnant with her fourth child at the time of her death. O’Neal was scheduled to be induced sometime this week.

“She was so ready to bring him in this world,” the family stated. “She had everything packed. His diaper bag was packed and ready for the big day. All his bassinets and car seats and everything was set and ready.”

Police said that medical staff were able to deliver the baby alive that evening, and the family claims that the newborn boy is “fighting.” However, details regarding the baby’s condition are currently unavailable.

Police have taken into custody the man they believe is responsible for the death of the boy’s mother. Donte Rapheal McCray, 32, was arrested in connection to the shooting, though various law enforcement sites seem to give conflicting reports about the nature of his alleged crime. The website for the Dakota County Jail, where McCray is currently housed, claims that he has a pending charge of second-degree manslaughter and culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk, as does a Jan. 9 statement from Lakeville PD.

However, an accompanying court document indicates that he is suspected of second-degree murder. McCray “did cause the death of a human being with intent to effect the death of that person or another, but without premeditation and at the time of offense, the Defendant or an accomplice did use or possess a firearm,” the order of detention filed on Jan. 10 reads in part.

KARE has reported that, last summer, a judge ordered McCray not to possess a firearm because of a previous conviction, though the nature of that conviction is unknown.

Amazon has confirmed that McCray was an employee at the facility where the incident occurred, and several news reports indicate that McCray is the father of at least one of O’Neal’s four children. It is unknown whether he is the father of the baby boy delivered on Sunday.

“Obviously, we’re all hoping the baby is doing well and is able to survive and thrive,” said police Cmdr. William Gerl, “and that will be a miracle and great news if that happens.”

McCray could face other charges as well, depending on what happens with the boy.

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