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0 – INTRO – Chinas More Perfect Socialism

To develop an understanding of the prevailing mindset of the Chinese people when socialism arrived. Dispel misnomers about socialism created by manipulative semantics and deceptive re-definitions. Back up the premise that China’s was the purest form of Socialism. And, establish China’s starting point with socialism for the course.

My name is Lawrence Allen and I lived and worked in the Greater China region for over 20 years for the likes of Hershey and Nestle. I’ve published a number of books, both fiction and non-fiction. And in 2014 I published Tree of Liberty: Trilogy–a 30-year dystopian epic about a fictional reversal of fortune between China and The United States that ends in 2020 with America’s 2nd Revolution against tyranny. Tree of Liberty is available wherever books are sold.

Socialism’s consistent failure and its excesses are all too often explained by the proposition that real socialism has never actually been tried. That attempts at its implementation up to now have been impure, half-hearted or incompetent in some manner, and that if only socialism were property implemented it would be successful. This 7-part video educational series documents history’s farthest-reaching, most pure, complete and thorough implementation of socialism. This series will take you through China’s tortured 30-year experimentation with the economic philosophy: from its imposition in 1949 to the official implementation of market-based reforms in 1978.  And, we will explore the political, economic and social results along the way. Warning: some images may not be appropriate for younger viewers.


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